Monday, January 05, 2009

Robbins Jewelers

This is what its' all about and what they want and can't have. For the past five years they have mounted attacks of lies and deceit conspiring to harm me, trying to pressure me into giving up.

They have tried to make it seem that it is about other issues, when the above is the only real issue.

Lets' see, by now, I'm probably a mass murdering racist criminal. Just count them, how many different issues they have raised, going from one to the other to raise hate, envy and/or jealousy.

With no criminal history and/or record, no drug use and no other issues of moral or legal concern; I don't even have any unpaid parking tickets, they have had to resort to other tactics.

Some of these tactics have included but have not been limited to: trying to frame me, raise public opinion against me, instigate and incite violence, and guess why I wear those plastic goggles?

They continually try to escalate the hate and negative sentiment with issues they create to try and justify their actions. Sound like a familiar tactic common to them! Not to mention the constant attempts to intimidate me through various means, including but not limited to the use of official government agencies. You know they have deep pockets and they have mostly everyone, including government, in them besides just money and gold.

It's as simple as this: GREED, ABUSE OF POWER and CONTROL.

Of course other issues have arisen from this, which have made matters worse, but always instigated by them; it's their way of doing things. When you can't win legally then raise the hate.

Also, of course I have documentation to back these claims, but why tip my hand. So now you know, please leave your comments, if any.